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Lynne is trained to utilise screening tools to help recognize how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status.

• See your blood on the big    screen
• Discover your internal health
• Screen for health issues

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Screening Tools
 bullet Take a Better View of your Health with a Look at Your Blood
One of Lynne's screening tools involves viewing your blood sample under a microscope. A tiny prick is made on the patient’s finger and a droplet of blood is added to a sterile slide. Blood is not drawn from the veins as with blood tests doctors perform. So for those of you that loathe having your blood taken the traditional medical way, you will find this quite a painless experience.

Lynne's screening tools help her make an accurate and immediate
assessment of the state of your general health

Hemaview befor and after images

You may have had blood tests before, but nothing compares to seeing your own blood on the big screen in front of you.
Just look at the before and after assessment above, “how wonderful to see the changes that
may occur as your treatment progresses!”

bullet Lynne's Screening Tools can help her assess you for the following factors:
  Poor nutrition
Bullet   Immune system health
Bullet   Oxidative stress and free radical damage
Bullet   Inflammation
Bullet   Liver health

Customised Report

Lynne will provide you with your individualised report of her findings. This is a clear overview of the results of your screening and the importance of these to your health. Importantly, you will also be provided with a comprehensive health restoration proposal to help you to achieve your health goals. This report is yours to keep and will enable you to see your progression over time.
Lynne uses the PRO 2050 Bright/Dark field Microscope, with a Video system allowing her to transfer the image onto a 32 inch digital LCD TV.
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